Adventures in Sophie's World : Part 1

It's Sophie's World, we're just living in it.

After years of neglect, I decided to restart this little blog to do more book reviews. And I want to document my process of reading this 'Sophie's World' by Jostein Gaarder. Since I'm reading it for school, I might as well have a running commentary.

A novel on the history of philosophy. How conceptual! For more information, let's take a look at my notes about the first four chapters.
- Does being alive mean the awareness of being alive? If someone thinks they're dead but they're not- are they dead?

- Death and life are the same? But polar opposites.

- Knowing=belief. You know and you believe. You can't know and not believe. You can believe and know. They're different, connected, similar things. What is belief? What is knowing? What is this book?

-Harmless ignorance is not evil.

- Sophie is a little pretentious brat.
Well, the thing about having English in the morning is that your thoughts just flow from your subconscious like streams of wisdom when prompted by wise Dumbledore. Sophie means "wisdom". But this little girl is only beginning to learn about the very concept, let alone applying it to her life.

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